How to tune a vehicle in MX vs. ATV Legends

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Image via THQ Nordic

Tuning a vehicle in any racing game is incredibly important, as doing so can give you that extra mechanical boost. Players in MX vs. ATV Legends will be able to tune up their ATV or moto bike, and either upgrade or downgrade the attributes that each vehicle. How exactly can you do just that? Let’s take a look.

Tuning options in MX vs. ATV Legends

To tune a vehicle in MX vs. ATV Legends, go to the Main Menu. From there, select the ‘Garage’ to enter the area where users can change up the setup of their vehicles.

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Find a bike, ATV, or UTV that you own in the Garage, and tap either X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation). This will bring up the Tuning settings.

In MX vs. ATV Legends, tunes affect six different categories: Power, Traction, Suspension, Handling, Brakes, and Stunts. Players can upgrade the engine, clutch, chassis, suspension, traction, and brakes. To do so, hit either A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation) over any of the six options.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, we should note that each part can be upgraded in a number of different ways and each of those has various levels. For example, the traction on an MX125 can be given either a Slip or Grip, and each has three different levels. All the levels give specific upgrades but be careful. Some levels do offer downgrades to certain categories. Additionally, there’s also a seventh option, but that is just the stock tune that is set as the default.

Users will be able to choose and equip any of these options, but you will need to have money in order to buy the tunes.