How to win a Holeshot in MX vs. ATV Legends

Get there before anyone else.

Image via THQ Nordic

MX vs. ATV Legends is THQ Nordic’s latest endeavor into the world of ATV and motocross racing. Much of the racing concepts and structures found in regular races can be found in this game, including a Holeshot. Holeshots, in racing terms, is defined by riders who are able to get off to the best start, and who can hit top speeds first. But how exactly can you win a Holeshot in MX vs. MTV Legends? Let’s take a look.

Tips to win a Holeshot in MX vs. ATV Legends

To win a Holeshot in MX vs. ATV Legends, there are two things that you’ll need to know: get off to a good start, and know where the Holeshot gate is located on the race trail. We’ll get to the former in a minute, but let’s hone in on the gate first.

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Holeshot gate location

The Holeshot gate is typically located past the first turn of the lap. Here’s what the Holeshot looks like for reference:

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to win a Holeshot, a rider must be in first place and cross the gate before anyone else during the event. We should note that this can only be obtained on the first lap of the race, so make sure to be at your best regarding vehicle stability, turning, and of course, acceleration early on in the event.

For events like Supercross, winning a Holeshot is a bit different. It’s relatively the same concept: you will need to be in first after the first turn in order to take it. However, those types of races don’t have the Holeshot gate, so keep that in mind.

Now, let’s get back to the start part. Realistically, the only way to get to this gate first is by getting off to a good start. Since the Holeshot gate is passed during the early portion of the race, making sure that you get off to a good start will ensure the best possible route to taking it.