How to turn a Piglin into a Zombified Piglin in the Minecraft Nether Update

Transform a Piglin in three simple steps.

Zombie Piglin in Nether

One of the coolest quirks in the Nether Update in the ability to turn to new Piglin mob into Zombified Piglins. While the update took the beloved Zombie Pigman mob out of the Minecraft, the Zombified Piglin is quite reminiscent of the prior mob’s design. Here is how to turn a Piglin into a Zombified Piglin in 3 easy steps.

  1. Transport via Aggro
    First, you are going want to make a Piglin hostile towards you. You can do this either by not wearing any gold armor, stealing/digging up gold nuggets or attacking the Piglin. After that: Do not engage. Run back to your Nether Portal, with the Piglin following close behind.
  2. Bring into the Portal
    Make sure that the Piglin has a clear path on which it can continue it’s pursuit of you, so that it will walk into the Nether Portal and teleport into the Overworld. It is best to have your portal closed off on the Overworld side, so it can’t walk out and walk back into the Nether.
  3. Wait for it…
    Once the Piglin is in the Overworld, wait for 15 seconds. After that time passes, you will see and hear a morphing animation, and will have successfully transformed a Piglin into a Zombified Piglin!
Zombie Piglin in Portal
Image via Mojang