The best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

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Enchanted Helmets

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Enchantments in Minecraft can vary greatly depending on what item you are enchanting, but with Helmets, there aren’t a lot of standout options. There are definitely three frontrunners when it comes to enchanting a helmet, though. One of the options is available for all gear, while the other two are strictly for helmets. Here are the best helmet enchantments in Minecraft, from worst to best.

3. Protection

While not difficult to get your hands on, there are only two helmet-only enchantments in the game. If you only have enough resource to get a single enchantment, Protection is a great pick. It will stack with any protection you have on other gear, and it is one of the best basic enchantments for a chest plate.

Max Level: IV

2. Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity is definitely the most unique helmet enchantment. It only has a single level and a single effect. Mining is normally much slower underwater, but with Aqua Affinity, that nerf is nullified. You will be able to breathe underwater the same way you would on the surface. This is great for exploring underwater caves or even shipwrecks.

Max Level: I

1. Respiration

Respiration is our personal favorite helmet enchantment. Respiration allows the player to breathe longer underwater. The base amount of time you can spend underwater is 15 seconds. With Respiration I, you have 30 seconds, while tier II has 45, and III has a full minute. This enchant is best aired with Depth Strider Boots and a Turtle Shell, which will add an extra 10 seconds of breathing, stacked.

Max Level: III

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Note: None of these are Treasure Enchantments, and they are all acquired via Enchantment Table, Anvil, Loot Chests, Trading, or commands.