The best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

Put on your hardhat.

Enchanted Helmets

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When putting on armor in Minecraft, you will want to have a full set to get the maximum amount of protection. That said, regardless of how prepared you are, you will take damage in this game, whether it is from walking through fire or a Creeper sneaking up on you. With the use of enchantments, you can get much more use out of your armor besides lessening the damage you take. Here are the best Helmet enchantments to have in Minecraft.

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What helmet enchantments should you use in Minecraft

5. Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity makes it so you mine blocks faster when you are underwater. Obviously, this is a very niche enchantment to have on your armor, but it will be a must if you are exploring an Ocean Monument or any water biome.

4. Thorns

Thorns make it so any entity that melee attacks you will take a little bit of damage in return. This is nice to have for Zombies or other hostile mobs that might try to sneak up on you. Even if you are fighting someone head-on, you are punishing them for fighting back.

3. Protection

Protection is a defensive-minded enchantment that boosts your overall defense. With this, you will take much less damage from attacks, fire, falling, etc. It’s a simple enchantment that should definitely be included somewhere in your armor set.

2. Mending

Mending is a useful enchantment that is good to apply to any piece of equipment that can take it. When you pick up experience orbs with this on, your Helmet will slightly repair itself. Just by having this on your Helmet, you can essentially make it last forever as long as you are doing something in the game to get more experience.

1. Respiration

Respiration is another underwater-focused enchantment but is much more needed than Aqua Affinity. When wearing this, you will be able to stay underwater longer without running out of air. Additionally, you will also be able to see better while in these areas.