How to turn assists on and off in F1 2020

Driving the car for you.

F1 2020

Screengrab via Codemasters

F1 2020’s racing is some of the crispest open racing available, and the game presents you with many options that you have come to expect from the series. Casual fans can use fewer assists or even the new Casual Control mode for a more accessible experience, giving the game a more arcade feel. Standard controls offer many assistance options that have a huge effect on how the car controls. 

While it is likely to take some time for those who enjoy tinkering with the controls to get the right settings, finding them to actually make changes isn’t as easy as it might seem. 

To actually make changes to which assists that you are controlling, there are a few places that you can toggle the assist settings. The main place to do it is on the main menu in the Home tab. Head to the Assists selection, and from here, there will be the option to change settings for both casual and standard control settings. Under the standard settings, you will be presented with a variety of assists that you can make changes to.

F1 2020 Standard Controls
Screengrab via Codemasters

However, doing this while on the main menu is not always practical, as it would mean that you have to jump back to the main menu every time you want to make an adjustment. This might be fine for time trials but can get tedious when playing the Career and My Team modes.

The other method for changing the assist options is in the loading screen of a race. While the game is loading a race, whether it be practice or a Grand Prix, you can press the Start, Options buttons, or the Tab key, and then under the Preferences tab, you can make adjustments to the Assists here. You can also make adjustments in the pit before a race by heading to the Pause menu and head to preference. On the track, though, you can also make adjustments on the fly, though be aware that too many changes will affect who your car handles dramatically.