How to turn blood on or off in WWE 2K22

Don’t want to see it? No problem.

Image via 2K

WWE 2K22 is rated T, and some of that has to do with the presence of fighting and blood in the game. While the act of blading has been banned in the WWE for quite some time, there are instances from time to time where accidents do happen, and wrestlers in the promotion can be busted open from time. To reflect this reality in WWE video games, players can attempt to bust open their opponents and cause them to bleed, but players can always turn this option off.

So, how can you do that in WWE 2K22? Let’s go over how you can turn blood on or off in WWE 2K22.

To turn the option to see blood on or off in WWE 2K22, go to the Main Menu. From here, go to the Options section and then select the ‘Gameplay’ tab.

In the Gameplay section of this set of options, scroll down until you see the ‘Blood’ setting. Go to it, and then toggle it to ‘On’ if you want to see blood, or ‘Off’ to avoid seeing any of it in WWE 2K22.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We should note that while some of the settings in WWE 2K22 can’t be adjusted for the new MyFaction game mode, blood does not fall under that category.