How to turn off car and engine in Need for Speed Unbound

Shut it down!

Image via EA

It’s easy to move like a bandit in Need for Speed Unbound, especially if you have a venomous vehicle that can outpace anything else out on the streets. There will, however, be instances where that vehicle will need to shut down for a brief period. In Need for Speed Unbound, turning off the car and engine can bail one out of a jam, when being chased by the police. With that said, here is what you need to do in order to turn off the car engine in Need for Speed Unbound.

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How to turn off the engine in Need for Speed Unbound

To turn the car and engine off in Need for Speed Unbound, first make sure that the vehicle is idle. This means braking and stopping all movement of the car.

Once the car has completely stopped, you will need to press and hold either B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation) to turn the car engine off and shut the vehicle down.

While this might sound trivial, shutting down the car in Need for Speed can actually come in handy. The reason is because the cops will be after you should you have Heat. If this is the case, shutting down the car can actually help with not being noticed by the cops, or end a police chase.

Keep in mind that in the latter situation, you will need to have some distance between your car and the cops. Also, try to find a secluded and dark spot. At night, the second part of that should not be difficult. It is important to note this, though. Shutting down the vehicle will make it much harder for the cops to detect your presence.