How to turn off the speaker voice in Deathloop – how to solve the “can’t hear Juliana” problem

It’s annoying.

Image via Bethesda

Much of Deathloop is spent with the antagonist, Julianna, talking your ear off. She will make fun of you, belittle you, and drop large volumes of exposition over the radio while you are trying to go about your business and break the loop.

On PlayStation 5, the game is set up so that the voice of Julianna will automatically come through the speaker in the DualSense controller. If you don’t want this to happen, there is an easy fix for the issue. Hitting the options button will bring up the main pause screen, and you can select “Options” from the list. From there, click on the “Audio” tab, and then click on the “Controller Speaker” option to turn it off. It will be the fifth option down on the Audio tab.

Now, by default, the voice of Julianna will come from whatever your main audio source is, be it a monitor, TV, or pair of headphones. Where things can get very confusing is that the voice of Julianna will default to this speaker, even if you have the option to use that speak disabled on the console.

This means some people out there may not be able to hear the voice of Julianna at all, and might be wondering how to fix it. The above method will work just fine.