How to unblock the obstructed laser in Grounded

Figure out what’s going wrong.


After you investigate the mysterious machine in Grounded and turn it on, one of the lasers is blocked. To progress, you need to unblock this laser, and you also need to find what is weakening one of the lasers. We’ll focus on unblocking the laser so you can progress in the game to collect more resources and build even better items.

You want to find which of the three metals is not receiving a laser on the top section of the machine. Find that ball, and then look to the device that should be shooting a laser at it from high above you, way far away. The laser is being blocked by a small stem of grass, which you can take down by using a pebblet ax to destroy it and then have it continue working correctly.

All you have to do is jump down from the machine, run over to the correct piece of grass, and then cut down. You should make short work of the grass stem with a few swings. Once it falls, grass planks fall down next to you, and the laser should now be working correctly. All you have to do now is figuring out what’s weakening the other laser, and then you progress in the main quest of Grounded.