How to unlock a weapon’s signature ability in Saints Row

What weapons do you plan to use?

A weapon’s signature ability in Saints Row is a unique perk attached to that weapon. It will activate under specific conditions and makes the guns go above and beyond their standard capabilities. Every weapon in Saints Row has a signature ability, but you won’t be able to access these unique perks immediately. There’s a specific way you have to unlock them. Here’s what you need to know about unlocking a weapon’s signature ability in Saints Row.

How weapon signature abilities work in Saints Row

Underneath each weapon you can view at a gun shop will feature the weapon’s various stats, such as the damage, accuracy, recoil, and magazine. These stats are compared to your current weapon in the slot. To the left of this critical information is the weapon’s unique signature ability, a passive that you can benefit from if you use it during combat. For example, the K-8 Krukov AR is an assault rifle with the Johnny Fuse Signature Ability, which decreases the cooldown of your takedown ability as your killstreak with this weapon goes up.

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However, to access the Johny Fuse Signature Ability, you must take out enemies using your last magazine with the weapon. This means when you have no more ammunition for this weapon. Any enemy eliminated using this gun will count towards the unlock total, bringing you closer to unlocking the Johnny Fuse Signature Ability. Every weapon in Saints Row has one, and you review those requirements by examining the weapon at a gun vendor or when you visit your weapon cache at your hideout.

We recommend regularly swapping your weapons to ensure you unlock multiple signature abilities in Saints Row. The more signature abilities you have on your weapons, to more variety you can experience from the gameplay, preparing you for any situation.