How to unlock Agile and Strong style moves in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mastering the art of the final blow.

Image via Nintendo

An intriguing new element to battles in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the option to change a move’s style. Aside from a move’s basic effects, players can unlock two types of styles to alter them, — Agile and Strong. Both of these radically alter how you strategize in the midst of a fight. Since both of these have fantastic benefits, it is key that trainers learn how to obtain them in order to win harder battles.

One of the first things addressed in the game’s tutorial is how to use the Agile and Strong styles, but they cannot be earned right away. Instead, Agile and Strong styles can only be obtained by mastering moves from either leveling up your Pokémon or giving a Seed of Mastery to Zisu in Jublife City. The latter may be the best option for most players, considering that the process only takes a matter of seconds.

If you’ve acquired a Seed of Mastery — typically rewarded for completing certain quests like “Coming Up Roses” — head to Jublife City where Zisu should be waiting for you at the Training Grounds. From there, each seed given to her will allow you to freely choose one of your Pokémons’ moves to become mastered, ultimately unlocking both the Agile and Strong styles for that particular move.

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