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How to unlock all characters and courses in Mario Golf

Why wait to unlock all the game has to offer?
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Mario Golf has just released for the Nintendo 64 catalog of games for Nintendo Switch Online. The game was a fantastic party game when it released at the time, and continues to be a fun time to this day, despite lacking some features that modern Mario Golf games have. However, unlocking all of what the game has to offer can be a bit tedious. With that said, there are two ways in which you can unlock all of the characters and courses.

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If you are someone who needs to earn everything you unlock, just make your way over to the Challenge section of the main menu. You will need to challenge each unlockable character and beat them in a round of golf. Once the character is defeated, they will be playable for the next round.

To unlock the courses, the tournament mode is where you want to be at. With each round you will earn gold coins. Once you unlock enough gold coins, the next course will be available to play. Simple as that!

If you would like to skip over all of that and unlock all the characters and courses from the jump, we don’t blame you. The process to unlock the characters can be pretty tedious since there is no skip or fast forward feature while the CPU is taking its turn. Luckily, there is a handy dandy cheat code that unlocks almost everything in the game as mentioned over on Reddit.

While you are at the start menu, press this combination of buttons:


  • Down, Down
  • Left, Left, Left
  • Right, Right, Right


  • Down, Down
  • Left, Left, Left
  • Right, Right, Right

Once the combination of buttons are pressed in the correct order you will hear a chime noise. Then you can proceed past the start menu and every character and every course, except the final one, will be unlocked. Since the button mapping can be a little wonky on the Joy-Cons, we found it was easiest to use the directional buttons on the left controller for the D-pad and the control stick on the right controller for the C-buttons.

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