How to unlock all cleaners in Back 4 Blood

You will get to them soon enough.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Back 4 Blood may focus on its team-based gameplay as you take down hordes of the Ridden like in Left 4 Dead, but the characters you play have a lot more personality to them than those previous games. That is why it is a little disappointing to start the game for the first time and see you have access to only four of the eight total characters. Here is how to unlock everyone else.

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When you first start Back 4 Blood, the only characters you can play are Mom, Holly, Evangelo, and Walker. Luckily, Hoffman, Jim, Doc, and Karlee are all unlocked quickly and simultaneously. All you need to do is play through the opening four missions, titled Devil’s Run. These chapters are called Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train, and The Crossing.

When you get to The Crossing, you will have to run across a bridge, through a boat, and then blow up that boat to destroy the bridge and keep the Ridden from invading even more. Once you complete that mission in Campaign, you will have a cutscene play that introduces the remaining cast of characters as your group returns to Fort Hope. To play as the new characters, leave the game, and start a new match where you can choose one of them.