Who are the Cleaners in Back 4 Blood?

Well someone needs to clean this mess up.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

In a world filled with parasites turning people into monsters, things may seem a little out of your favor. Back 4 Blood returns the feeling of cooperative zombie survival against the Ridden. Left 4 Dead gave us lasting memories of characters that we knew very little about, simply named Survivors. Back 4 Blood’s version of Survivors are called Cleaners. Here are all of the Cleaners in Back 4 Blood along with their starting secondary weapon and perks.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Doc, as you would imagine, is a medical professional and focuses mostly on keeping her teammates alive. Her secondary is either a pistol or a scalpel. Her perks are:

  • Low health heal bonus
  • Additional healing efficiency
  • All team members get resistance to trauma


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Evangelo heavily reminds us of Louis from the first Left 4 Dead. While his clothes may promote more of a stoner or slacker vibe when compared to Louis’ business clothes, we hear him screaming a lot in the Back 4 Blood media we have seen so far. His cowardice may be his defining characteristic. His secondary weapon is a machete and his perks are:

  • Born Slippy: automatically break out of a grab once every five minutes
  • Increased stamina regeneration
  • Increased movement speed for the team


Heng Back 4 Blood
Image by Turtle Rock

Heng is a prepper Cleaner who will make sure your team has as many supplies as they need. His starting secondary is the Hatchet. His perks are:

  • Sensing and pinging Hive Entrances, Prepper Stashes, and weapon attachments
  • When hit by a Mutation, has a chance to drop an accessory
  • A small 5% chance that when the team uses accessories, they will be able to keep it and use it again


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Hoffman seems to be a southern player in the apocalypse. He is rough and tough and ready to get the job done. His starting secondary weapon is a M1911 pistol. Hoffman’s perks include:

  • Always Prepared, Never Without – Has a chance for ammo to drop when killing Ridden
  • An extra slot for offensive and supportive accessories
  • The team gains additional ammo capacity


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Holly seems to be the badass of the cleaners introduced so far. She has this punk rock look to her and carries it well in her fight against the Ridden. Her secondary is a bat with nails in it. How very Dead Rising 2 of you.

Holly’s perks are:

  • Best Life – she gains stamina when she gets a kill
  • Athlete x2 – additional maximum stamina and 10% future stamina gains
  • An increase to melee damage by 25%.


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Jim is the marksman of the Cleaners. He has only been shown with a sniper rifle as of this writing, and that appears to be his personal go-to weapon. His starting secondary weapon is a magnum. Jim’s perks are:

  • Faster aim down sight speed
  • The team deals more damage to Ridden weakspots
  • Precision kills increase the damage he outputs for a short duration


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Karlee is described by Holly as being blunt, and appears to rely on being as speedy as possible. She is a rebel who looks out for herself first. Her secondary is an automatic pistol. The following are her perks:

  • She can sense hazards (even through walls)
  • An additional quick inventory slot
  • Teammates use items faster


Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Mom is the toughest member of the group. She always has something to say and has the actions to back it up. Her secondary weapon is a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. Her perks are:

  • Instantly revive a teammate occasionally
  • One extra inventory slot for a support item
  • One extra team life per campaign


Sharice Back 4 Blood
Image by Turtle Rock

Sharice is a former fireman who now looks to destroy all Ridden she comes across. She adds a lot to your team’s survivability. Her trusty fireaxe is her starting secondary weapon and she comes with these perks:

  • Armor Plates can be shot off Ridden and have a chance to become Makeshift Armor
  • 25% additional Trauma Resistence
  • 25% bolstered health for the team


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Walker is the closest thing the cleaners have to a leader. He gives commands and suggestions for the groups success. His secondary weapon is a Glock 23. His perks include:

  • Military Training: every precision kill (kills on headshots or weak points) increases accuracy for a little bit
  • Extra maximum health for the team
  • Increased maximum ammo capacity and additional 10% future ammo capacity gains