Who are the cleaners in Back 4 Blood?

Well someone needs to clean this mess up.

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

In a world filled with parasites turning people into monsters, things may seem a little out of your favor. Back 4 Blood returns the feeling of cooperative zombie survival against the Ridden. Left 4 Dead gave us lasting memories of characters that we knew very little about, simply named survivors. Back 4 Blood’s version of survivors are called cleaners and have more to them than survivors did. For starters, each cleaner has a unique character perk and secondary weapon. As of this writing, we do not know about the perks but will update when we have more information. When the game launches, there will be eight cleaners to choose from, not the four like Left 4 Dead. During the Alpha, though, we will only know about four. Here are the cleaners in Back 4 Blood.


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Walker is the closest thing the cleaners have to a leader. He gives commands and suggestions for the groups success. His secondary weapon is a Glock 23. His perks include:

  • Military Training: every precision kill (kills on headshots or weak points) increases accuracy for a little bit
  • Extra maximum health
  • Increased maximum ammo capacity and additional 10% future ammo capacity gains


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Holly seems to be the badass of the cleaners introduced so far. She has this punk rock look to her and carries it well in her fight against the Ridden. Her secondary is a bat with nails in it. How very Dead Rising 2 of you.

Holly’s perks are:

  • Best Life – she gains stamina when she gets a kill
  • Athlete x2 – additional maximum stamina and 10% future stamina gains
  • An increase to melee damage by 25%.


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Evangelo heavily reminds us of Louis from the first Left 4 Dead. While his clothes may promote more of a stoner or slacker vibe when compared to Louis’ business clothes, we hear him screaming a lot in the Back 4 Blood media we have seen so far. His cowardice may be his defining characteristic. His secondary weapon is a machete and his perks are:

  • Born Slippy: automatically break out of a grab once every five minutes
  • Increased stamina regeneration
  • Double movement speed


Via Turtle Rock Studios

Hoffman seems to be a southern player in the apocalypse. He is rough and tough and ready to get the job done. His perks include:

  • Always Prepared, Never Without – Has a chance for ammo to drop when killing Ridden
  • An extra slot for offensive and supportive accessories
  • He starts with an Ammo Pack

Hoffman’s starting secondary weapon is a M1911 pistol.