How To Unlock All Fast Travel Points In Palworld Immediately

Palworld’s map isn’t small, and all biomes offer different resources. Here is how to fast travel to everything early in the game.

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The map in Pocketpair’s newest release, Palworld is a lot bigger than anyone was expecting. There are a variety of different biomes from icy tundras to rolling grasslands – each holding plenty of secrets. However, getting to them can be a bit of a challenge before unlocking fast travel points.

Luckily there is an easy way to unlock these access points quickly. Granted, this strategy will likely be fixed in a future patch, given that it feels a bit more like an exploit than an intended feature. But, for now, it’s a fantastic way to clear out all that ‘fog of war’ on the map.

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How Respawn Points Currently Work

As of version V0.1.2.0 of Palworld, when your character fully dies, you get an overhead view of the whole map (though most of it is still hidden) and can choose from a selection of respawn points as well as any home bases you’ve made using the Palbox. To list all these premade respawn locations, going right from the bottom left and ending at the top left, there is the:

  • Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef
  • Windswept Hills Flying Fish Coast
  • Windswept Hills Plateau of Beginnings (This is the best tutorial starting spot)
  • Marsh Island
  • Eastern Wild Island
  • Ice Wind Island
  • Forgotten Island

These premade respawn points are spread out at pretty much every corner of the map with Fast Travel points within a relatively close distance of each one, though some Fast Travel points are certainly a bit further than others (with the Plateau of Beginnings having the closest one) 

Best Respawn Strategy For Unlocking Fast Travel Points

To get started, players will want to make sure their difficulty setting is low enough to keep Pals after dying. It can also help to toggle the option to keep inventory after death, ensuring you have everything you need to reach further fast travel points.

Now, to break the strategy down into a few simple steps, you’ll just need to:

  1. Build a home base
  2. Take lethal damage from any source and fully ‘die’
  3. Select any of the pre-determined respawn points and spawn there
  4. Locate the nearest Fast Travel beacon (they’ll be easily visible if you get up high, since non-active Fast Travel points glow orange)
  5. Travel to said Fast Travel beacon and activate it.
  6. From here, head back to your home base.
  7. Rinse and repeat with every predetermined respawn location.

By doing this, you’ll get a foothold into all the main regions and biomes of the map to make fully exploring all the individual areas and islands a whole lot easier. Additionally, for those of you who like the sound of a base set up in a unique biome, this strategy is also incredibly helpful.

Additionally, players in servers or solo sessions with the Hard difficulty enabled (meaning both Pals and Items drop on the ground on death and must be retrieved) just make sure to do step 2 near the home base and then get your stuff back when you return to the home base in step 6. 

The only areas in Palworld where these respawn points don’t give you a ‘great’ starting location is a Desert Region in the central northern area of the map and the volcanic region in the far east of the map, which are both fine because they are dangerous to head to before reaching level 30.