How to Farm Levels in Palworld for Characters & Pals

After players get to grip with the mechanics of Palworld, they’ll want to start farming levels for their character and Pals.

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Once players have experienced the colossal world Palworld has to offer, they won’t want to stop playing. However, it’s dangerous out there, and players will need to farm levels for both their character and Pals if they want to survive the toughest encounters.

There are so many elements to Palworld’s gameplay that it can be extremely overwhelming after an hour or so. One of the core elements players will spend a lot of time hoping they can boost is levels. Pals and the player’s character have levels, but experience is hard to grind for without spending hours in the open world and returning to base to drop off the supplies gathered. Mercifully, we’ve found a way to farm levels in Palworld that works for everyone and takes no effort at all.

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How to Farm Levels in Palworld for Pals and the Player Character

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To farm levels for characters and Pals in Palworld, players need to build a productive base and set up a massive production queue for their Pals to work on. They must also explore the open world and capture as many Pals as possible.

The player’s base is the best source of experience in Palworld. It’s a reliable way to get crafting materials and can be completely automated very quickly early on in the game. Once players have their Stone Pit, Logging Site, and Berry Plantation set up, they can sit back and relax while their Pals do all the work and haul in materials.

With Pals bringing Stone and Wood to Wooden Chests, and storing Red Berries as food for later, players can send out any of the Pals in their party to help out with the work. If that Pal crafts an item at the Primitive Workbench or another crafting station, players and the Pals in their party earn experience points.

With this in mind, players can set up hundreds of items, such as Arrows, to be crafted and leave their character standing idle for hours. While they’ll need to check in and feed their Pals and character every 30 minutes or so, the XP will keep on rolling in while the Pal is crafting or working, increasing the level of the character and every Pal in the party with each item crafted.

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Of course, if players want to take a more active approach to earning XP and leveling their character and Pals in Palworld, they can head out into the world and capture as many Pals as possible. Each Pal caught awards a massive chunk of XP, but that increases once players have captured ten of that type of Pal.

It’s best to capture ten Lamball and Chikipi first because they always span close to the player’s base. From there, players can create a farming route from their base that sees them always catching Pals they’ll get the most XP for.

Players don’t need to farm XP by capturing Pals in Palworld using this method specifically, though. They can also explore the world organically while fighting boss Pals and completing their Paldeck. Any Pal capture awards XP, so exploring also pays off well. The only aspect of exploring that slows down level farming is the need to return to a base and drop off all the supplies a player has gathered. With a farming route, the base can be taken into account to keep the flow of XP and levels at its peak.

Any players hoping to boost their progression in Palworld should read our complete guide to make as much of their time as possible in-game. In it, we’ve documented every challenge we’ve encountered with a guide to help others overcome them, and have plenty of farming guides to help players boost their character with little to no effort.