How To Fix Palworld On Create Session Complete Delegate Error

What’s up with the Create Session Complete Delegate Error in Palworld?

Multiplayer Mode Error Palworld

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Though Palworld delivered on the promise of Pokemon with guns and perhaps went even beyond that, its current early access version is plagued with crashes and errors.

It’s hardly a game-breaking experience, at least for someone who can’t wait to get back to their base to cuddle and enslave all their Pals. However, losing access to your game can be pretty frustrating. If you’re trying to create a multiplayer world, chances are you’ve encountered an error called “OnCreateSessionComplete.” Since Palworld features a multiplayer mode, it’s only natural you want to enjoy this game with your friends. In this guide, I’ll show you how to fix the On Create Session Complete Error.

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How to Fix the On Create Session Complete in Palworld?

Multiplayer Mode Error Fix Palworld
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If you get the OnCreateSessionComplete Delegate bWasSuccessful == False error when trying to create a multiplayer world for the first time in Palworld, you should try playing with multiplayer mode off and give this mode a second chance later on.

Understandably, due to the overwhelming number of players currently enjoying this monster catcher survival, the Palworld servers are having a meltdown. The demand is over the roof, and that’s why you keep getting this error when trying to create your own multiplayer world.

Even the devs behind Palworld have taken to X to inform that, much like the multiplayer servers, they’re blown away by the response to Palworld. They’re working to resolve this “ASAP.” And while they do recommend trying two or three times to create your multiplayer world, I’ve given this option more than ten tries without getting a successful answer. I’d recommend letting sleeping dogs lie and try again later.

Palworld was released just recently, so give it some time before it decongests and allows for your multiplayer world to be created. I’m sure you’ll have a blast as soon as it’s solved.

How to Solve Epic Online Service Outage in Palworld

When the number of concurrent Palworld players went over 1.3 million, this caused the Epic Online Service to have an outage. While this doesn’t affect single-player, it does cause connectivity issues with online servers.

The team behind Palworld is looking to get things back up and running soon, but as of right now, it’s better to play offline and enjoy the experience on your own until the servers are back up.