How to unlock and customize your Headquarters in Saints Row

Learn to be your own boss and your home decorator.

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Part of the Saints Row allure is building your headquarters and customizing it to your liking. Saints Row takes some pages from previous games in the franchise but has developed new ways to make your home base shine. Decorating your base is a much more hands-on affair in Saints Row, and unlocking new customization options requires you to do some leg work in Santa Illeso. This guide will explain how to unlock headquarters customization in Saints Row.

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How to unlock Headquarters in Saints Row

After completing the prologue and meeting your roommates, Kevin, Eli, and Neenah, you can start exploring the streets of Santa Illeso and taking on story missions. After completing several entry-level tasks, you will unlock a mission called “Take me to Church.” Select this mission and complete it to open your new home away from home, your Headquarters.

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After a short series of cutscenes, you will have a new gang name and a home base. The church is in bad shape, but it can be improved in several ways. Headquarters customization is the best method to make this new place feel like home.

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How to customize your Headquarters in Saints Row

Once you have your new base and gang operation up and running, a new series of missions will open up to you via the Missions app on your phone. Select the “Office Decor” mission to begin the next step in this process.

Once the mission begins, speak to Kevin inside the church. He will ask you to head to Fort Cullen with him. Follow the objective marker to head to a small fortress located in town. Once you reach the Fort, look near the objective marker on top of the wall for a cannon. This cannon will be glowing purple, so it’s hard to miss.

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After you take a picture using your phone, drive back to the Church. After a short cutscene, you will complete the mission and unlock the Collectibles App on your phone. Inside your Headquarters, look for small brown plates on the floors and walls. Approach these plates, and you can place collectibles you’ve unlocked however you wish.

Collectibles can be placed as often as you want after they are unlocked. Certain collectibles can only be placed on a plate of the correct size. Full-size statues, for example, can’t be placed inside the bar or gun cache. You can access the Collectibles App to give you detailed hints for each new item you want to find. Head to the right area, find an object with a purple glow and take a picture of it to add to your collection.

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Some rare collectibles can only be unlocked after completing main story missions or progressing in your criminal ventures, so keep that in mind when creating your Headquarters.