How to unlock vehicle customization in Saints Row

Have your car reflect your personality.

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Vehicle customization is a great way to make your car represent your personality in Saints Row. You can have it reflect your character, or make it unique, based on how you like to play the game or what car you want to drive. You do not have access to vehicle customization when you first start the game, and you need to unlock it at a later point. Here’s what you need to know about vehicle customization in Saints Row.

How to customize your vehicles in Saints Row

You will unlock vehicle customization when you get access to Jim Rob’s Garage, which will only be available when you make your way through the campaign. The campaign story you need to complete is called A Piece of the Action, which you will receive after you work through the Observe and Report. In A Piece of the Action, you will be working alongside JR, who was your driver in the Observe and Report mission. He wants to open up his shop, but his parts were stolen by the Idols, one of the local gangs who take from the rich.

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Following the end of the mission, JR makes your character a part of the Garage, giving them a cut of the profits. Not only do you now have access to Jim Rob’s Garage, but from the Cash application on your phone, you receive a small amount of the profits from the Jim Rob business. However, the big thing is now that you can use the Garage at any time. You can bring a vehicle there and customize it. You will need to drive your chosen vehicle to this location, go into the workshop area, and you can see all of the available options for your vehicle.

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You will want to bring any vehicles you want to add to your garage collection. Every car you bring to the Jim Rob Garage joins your Garage, and you can summon them anytime from your Hideout.