How to unlock and equip gun skins in Back 4 Blood

Give your gun a little shine.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gun skins are a good way to show off your favorite weapons and make them shine. Boring classic gun skins are basic, but adding a new look to your gun will help give the game a little more personality. Back 4 Blood lets you change the cosmetics on your firearms after you unlock them. Here is how to unlock and equip gun skins in Back 4 Blood.

To unlock gun skins in Back 4 Blood, you need to gather Supply Points from playing the game and then spend them at Supply Lines in Fort Hope. You can find it by interacting with the woman sitting at the picnic table or opening the menu and tabbing to it from there.

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Each Supply Line gives you a line of rewards for you to unlock, so you always know what you are towards. The tracks that you spend these points on will work to open more Supply Lines with various items and will eventually offer some new cosmetics for your weapons in them. In the beginning, you are likely to come across many cards and smaller items, but just keep playing the game and unlocking Supply Lines to get your better-looking weapons.

When you have unlocked some new gun skins, make your way to Dusty the Quartermaster or open Armory in the menu. You will see every weapon in the game and can look at all skins for them, even ones you have not unlocked yet.