How to unlock and equip perks in Deep Rock Galactic

Build a better dwarf.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Deep Rock Galactic is about diving into the deepest caves in space and emerging with all sorts of riches that you need to hand over to your corporate overlords. The more you play, the more resources you earn to improve your gear, but there are other ways that you can build a better dwarf for each mission. This guide explains how to unlock perks and then equip them to improve every class you use.

Step 1: Complete challenges

Screenshot by Gamepur

Deep Rock Galactic is packed with challenges for you to unlock and earn stars from. You’ll see these pop up at the end of every mission, depending on what you’ve done, but the game never shows you where to look to find those challenges or stars. You can use a screen to check your key performance indicators in your hangar bay. This is where you can see completed challenges and claim stars from them. You can also then use those stars to buy perks on this screen, but you’ll need to go into the central hub area to equip them.

Step 2: Equip your perks

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can equip perks in the equipment terminal in the central hub area. Your perk slots are in the upper left-hand corner of the equipment screen, but you’ll only have two slots to equip perks in to start with. So choose your perks wisely based on how you play, and you’ll soon build a dwarf that’s easier to use the next time you jump into a mission.