How to upgrade your gear in Deep Rock Galactic

Make the next mission more efficient.


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You start your journey in Deep Rock Galactic with very little to your name. You have two weapons and a pickaxe to plunder the various caves in each mission and defend yourself from swarms. Even on lower difficulties, this is challenging. However, soon after you complete your second mission, you can start upgrading your gear to help you tackle each subsequent mission with more tech and firepower behind you. This guide explains how to upgrade your gear so that you can get on with gathering materials.

Visit the equipment terminal

Screenshot by Gamepur

The hub ship space you visit between missions in Deep Rock Galactic allows you to do many things through terminals. For example, you can buy drinks and promote your characters. However, if you want to upgrade your gear, you need to visit the equipment terminal near the pod bays.

Using this terminal, you can scroll through every class and upgrade all their gear. Each weapon has five slots where you can add perks to make you more lethal against swarms, and you can add two perks to your pickaxe to make mining a bit easier or more efficient. You can also upgrade the other items each class brings with them, such as the shield generator and zipline launcher for the Gunner class, for example. Finally, this is also where you can upgrade the armor your class wears.

Some perk slots are locked behind levels, so you’ll need to play more missions and promote your classes to unlock them. Even then, you must pay a certain number of materials for each perk, all of which are different. This is why it’s essential to gather as many resources as possible when you go out on a mission. If you desperately need a lot more resources for upgrades, try taking on a solo mission to get a larger share of the loot.