How to unlock and equip titles in Overwatch 2

How do you want to be known?

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Overwatch 2 has incorporated quite a few new features that the original game was lacking. On the smaller side of this is the addition of titles, which are displayed under your username in-game before Competitive matches and if you earn the play of the game. They are just small little titles that mean you have accomplished something. Here is how to get titles in Overwatch 2.

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How to get titles in Overwatch 2

There are three kinds of titles that you can unlock in Overwatch 2. To find and equip them, you will need to open up your Career Profile, go to the Customization tab, and enter the Titles section.

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The three sections of titles available are Overwatch, Competitive, and Battle Pass. The Overwatch section of titles can be earned in the Lifetime tab of the Challenges page. These include challenges that do not expire, like winning so many games in various modes.

The Competitive section can also be found in Challenges, but this one is a bit different. How you are ranked at the end of the current season will be the title you earn from here. You will have that title replaced if you are at a different level when the next season ends.

Finally, the Battle Pass titles are reserved for that season’s particular battle pass. However, you will not see them on the normal track of rewards. Instead, you must finish all 80 tiers of the battle pass and unlock prestige tiers. These eight titles are earned as you get up to level 200 in the battle pass, so they are reserved for the most dedicated Overwatch 2 players. These will only be available during the battle pass times and will be gone forever if you do not acquire them before the season ends.