How to unlock and roll Dice in Sea of Thieves

You have to blow on it.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Six emotes that allow players to roll various sided Die have been introduced to Sea of Thieves as part of Season Five. The names of the emotes, each of which corresponds to the sided Die they roll, are as follows:

  • Roll a D4
  • Roll a D6
  • Roll a D8
  • Roll a D10
  • Roll a D12
  • Roll a D20

This guide tells you exactly how you can unlock and use these coveted emotes.

How to Unlock and Equip Dice Emotes

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlocking the requisite Dice emotes is simple: reach Renown Level 5 in Season Five. There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can earn Renown, so we recommend just playing the game as you normally would until you hit Renown Level 5 (do quests, Tall Tales, events, fish, fight enemies, etc.). Given that there are 100 Renown Levels, it shouldn’t take you long at all to reach Level 5. Check your Renown Level at any time by navigating to the Pirate Log section of your menu.

Once you’ve unlocked the Dice emotes, find and open the Vanity Chest on your ship. Use the Right Bumper (RB) to find the Emote tab. Select each Dice emote one at a time and equip them to any open slot in your Emote wheel.

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How to Use Dice Emotes

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

You’re now ready to roll some Dice. Hold down on the D-pad to open your Emotes and select whichever Dice emote you wish to use. Your character will automatically roll a single Die and show you the result. Rotate the camera and hold Right Trigger (RT) to zoom in on the number if you need a better view.

The game doesn’t tell you what to do with these emotes from there, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting. You can use the random number generator to determine which activity your crew will be doing that day; you can create your own games with the Dice or simply role play. The choice is yours, as these emotes are certainly more functional than many of their counterparts.