How to Unlock Blum’s Workroom in Alan Wake 2 – Rifle Location

Blum’s Workshop is missing the door handle in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you where to find it to unlock the rifle.


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Alan Wake 2 has multiple locked doors that require you to solve a riddle or use a special item to unlock it as you progress through the game. One of these rooms is Blum’s Workshop, inside the Wellness Center, which contains a rifle inside it.

The problem with unlocking Blum’s Workshop, referred to as his private room, is the door handle was stolen from it. One of the Valhalla residents who regularly visit the Wellness center removed it as a prank on Blum and wants him to track it down. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Blum’s Workshop in Alan Wake 2, and get the rifle.

Where to Find Blum’s Workshop Door Handle in Alan Wake 2

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You’ll pass Blum’s Workshop on your way to the Wellness Center Security Room, which you need to reach when you’re on the search for Tor in Alan Wake 2. Before you can worry about the Workshop, there’s a computer you need to unlock, and you have to learn about Blum from the multiple clues inside the security office. As you scavenge the clues and place them in your Mind Place, you’ll discover the correct code for the Valhalla Security Computer: 170823. After you input this code, you’ll be able to unlock the electronic locks throughout the Wellness Center, and you read the emails on the computer.

Two of the emails have to do with Blum’s Workshop. The first is him emailing the many residents in Valhalla about the missing doorknob, and the second one is a riddle that serves as a hint for where Blum can find it. This is a location you can visit in the Alan Wake 2 Wellness Center, and you have to reach the front entrance of the building where you entered and head into the reception center. You’ll find it on the floor, inside of a cardboard box.

For anyone who has been working on the many Nursery Rhymes, lunch boxes, and Cult Stash locations in Alan Wake 2, this location might be easier for you to figure out.

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How To Unlock the Rifle in Alan Wake 2

After you have the doorknob, return to the entrance of Blum’s Workshop. With the electronic locks now unlocked throughout the Wellness Center, you can enter this room and search for supplies, namely the rifle. The rifle will be inside the locker, in the center of the room, but you may need to clean up your inventory in Alan Wake 2 to properly carry it alongside the rest of your weapons and items.

Alan Wake 2 Rifle Location in Blum's Workshop
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