How to unlock Bone Shaker in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Shake the bones of your opponents from their vehicles.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Bone Shaker is one of the most elusive cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Not only is it one of the best-looking cars, but it’s also linked to a Secret that you encounter pretty early on in the campaign. However, it’s not very clear how you acquire the car, which is why we’ve put this guide together to help you get it as fast as possible.

How to unlock Bone Shaker

There are two ways to get Bone Shaker, and only one of them is free. It’s possible to buy Bone Shaker as DLC for the game for around $0.99. It’s a small price, but it’s also completely unnecessary because you can unlock the car in the game for free. You only need to buy the Bone Shaker DLC if you want that particular livery, which is exclusive to the DLC.

To unlock Bone Shaker, you need to complete all five Boss Races in the game. The last Boss Race is Ghost Seekers, and it’s incredibly tough. Once you complete the Boss Race by finishing in first place, you’ll get Bone Shaker as a reward. The car will be automatically added to your collection, and you can start driving with it straight away. It’s not the fastest car in the game, but it can be used to unlock a Secret that has likely been annoying you since you started the campaign.