How to unlock clothing items in F1 2021

Get some new swag.

Image via Codemasters

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In F1 2021, users can customize their avatars with custom badges, plus a selection of clothing items. These items range from helmets, gloves, to even the suits that are worn during races. But in order to get the full selection of clothing items, you’ll need to unlock some of these special options, and here’s how you can do just that.

One way to unlock clothing items is through F1 2021’s Podium Pass. The Podium Pass is much akin to a battle pass, in which users purchase a key to the pass, and gain access to a slew of in-game items.

There are two tiers to the Podium Pass: free and premium. Free tier allows those who don’t purchase the Podium Pass to still get rewards. Premium, on the other hand, is reserved for those who buy the VIP Podium Pass package. The VIP Podium Pass costs 9,000 Pitcoin.

However, in order to get rewards from the Podium Pass, you’ll also need XP. XP allows users to unlock new tiers, and in turn, new items.

Additionally, other clothing items can be bought in the F1 2021 shop. The F1 2021 shop has a number of different items for sale, including gloves, suits, and helmets, and the store resets every day (for Daily Items), as well as every week (for Weekly items), for new items.