How to earn Podium Pass XP in F1 2021

You’ll need to get some of this.

Image via Codemasters

Believe it or not, XP is an important part of F1 2021. As part of the game’s Podium Pass, XP can be acquired in order to receive special free and premium rewards. This is pretty similar to other battle passes that can be found in various games, including, for example, PGA Tour 2K21. So, how can you earn XP in F1 2021? It’s actually very simple, so let’s go over what you need to do.

There’s a couple of ways to earn XP in F1 2021. The first method is through Daily and Series challenges. These can be found in your profile.

Daily challenges are usually simple. These include just racing at a particular venue, or winning with a certain driver. Series challenges, on the other hand, are a bit different. Not only do these last for a longer period of time, but these challenges are usually a bit hard to complete. These challenges can range from achieving a particular time in a time trial, to staying in first place for a period of time.

There are also different types of challenges. Some are for solo, offline action, where as others are for career mode, multiplayer, and the weekly events.

Additionally, you can earn XP from racing in one of F1’s many game modes, including Braking Point.

To see how much XP you have earned, go to your profile. This can be done by pressing down on L (for Xbox) or the Left Stick (for PlayStation). Go to the Podium Pass screen, and you should see the amount of XP you have earned, plus the rewards you have unlocked.