How to unlock events in MX vs. ATV Legends

Just moving through the game.

Image via THQ Nordic

In MX vs. ATV Legends, players will be able to play in a variety of different competitions. Users will be able to go through MX and supercross races, as well as ATV and UTV events. But in order to do any of that, you will need to go through a few things before jumping into the races. Here’s what you should know about unlocking events in MX vs. ATV Legends.

How to unlock events in MX vs. ATV Legends

Screenshot by Gamepur

New events in the career mode of MX vs. ATV Legends can be unlocked simply by playing through the mode. Each time an event is completed, users can progress through it, and then move on the next race in that specific category.

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Now, we should note that in some cases, you will not be able to go straight into the next race in career mode. There will be certain sections where the game will prompt you to speak to crew members, like Emilio Rawlings or Kat Cooley. You’ll know when this needs to be done when the bottom of the screen reads “Speak to Crew.”

Keep in mind that crew members are scattered throughout the compound. To find the individuals you need to talk to, just drive around and move towards the yellow light that is emanating from the ground.

Also, it’s also important to note that some ATV and UTV events will not be available right away at the beginning of the game. To unlock those, make sure to get through the MX portion, to unlock events for the latter two parts of MX vs. ATV Legends’ career mode.