How to unlock every Companion in The Outer Worlds

You’ll want these friends on your adventure.

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The Outer Worlds is a vast game with tons of quests and enemies to take on. There will be no shortage of interactions with NPCs, which will lead to you seeing a variety of different faces. While plenty of these faces will be holding guns pointed in your direction, not all will be looking to kill you. Here are all of The Outer Worlds Companions and how to get them to join your party to earn the achievements/trophies Best Friend and One For All.

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How to get every Companion to join your party in The Outer Worlds

Note that the below Companions are set in order of appearance in the game.


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You will encounter Parvati during the first story mission of the game, so she is unmissable. You will need to enter Reed Thompson’s Office in Edgewater. Here, Parvati will be involved in a conversation with Thompson asking you to reroute power from a group of deserters. At the end of this conversation, Parvati will ask to tag along with you. Say yes and this cheery personality will be by your side.

Vicar Max

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Vicar Max can also be found in the small village of Edgewater. After Parvati joins your team, she will mention how she will want to talk to the Vicar of the place to see if what you are doing is right. He is located in the church-like building on the east side. When spoken to, he will mention a book that he is in pursuit of. Take the quest to find this book, and when you return it to him, he will head to your ship, becoming available once you leave the first area. Be sure to talk to him before shutting down the power in the town, or he will become hostile toward you.


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When you first board your ship, The Unreliable, and do some exploring, you might find a shutdown robot in the closet of the upper-level living quarters. Examine it, and you will receive a prompt to talk to ADA about the robot. ADA tells you to search Hawthorne’s computer, which will point you to finding the part it needs on Roseway. While SAM is a cleaning robot, it will join your party once you find the missing part.


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Once you leave Emerald Vale, you will travel to another ship named The Groundbreaker. When you get here, find the Medical Bay. Ellie will be arguing with a clerk here and will ask you to find someone named Jessie Doyle. Find the black-market dealer Gladys, who is your main mission reason to come here, and add her to your party. On the left side of her shop, there will be a series of dumpsters with a crawlspace behind them. Go through here to enter the Medical Wing, where you will need to take out a guard and grab a keycard on the shelf. Go to the left to release Jessie, followed by meeting up again with Ellie for her to join your team.


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Felix is another main mission companion. When you are leaving The Groundbreaker after completing the main quests here, he will be by your ship and asks you to allow him to join your team.


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When you arrive in Monarch, there will be a bar called The Yacht Club straight ahead of you. In that bar is Nyoka, who is quite drunk. There are a couple of ways of sobering her up to join your party. Your speech choices can do the trick, but if you fail that you can go down the road to the MSI Dispensary, where you can grab a Caffenoid pill that will sober her right up.