The Outer Worlds: The Best Companions


Good help is difficult to come by, even in The Outer Worlds. Despite how difficult it may seem to find someone useful in that world is, your character can find a ragtag crew of individuals to help them out in their fantastic adventures. Although not all of the companions turned out the same, some are going to be better than others. Here are the best companions you should probably be using in the game.

The Best Companions in The Outer Worlds


Without a doubt, my favorite companion is Ellie. I’m a massive fan of having a character who’s going to join your party and act like a healer. While Ellie is not going to heal you, she’s going to give you bonuses to your abilities to heal. For example, when she’s in your party, you’re going to receive a plus 10 to your medical skills, and your inhaler does 20 percent more healing if you grab those perks. For those who love to go straight into the fight and duke it out, she’s great to have to make sure you can keep fighting.

Not only that, but her special ability, Quick Draw, levels enemies during a fight and sends them down to the ground. It’s great to watch her mow down an opponent with a few well-placed shots in their direction. The final perk that settles the argument as to why Ellie is among the best companions is CPR. If you get hit by something that’s supposed to kill you, you instead heal for 25 percent of your health, and you can keep fighting. This perk has a five-minute cooldown, but if you want to play on a more severe difficulty where death happens far more frequently, this is great to have. She also grants bonuses to your Engineering and Lie skills.

I usually choose to lean her into a medic. Others can choose to transform her into a murdering machine, but both aspects apply.


Another excellent companion is Felix. Sure, he has a proper with recognizing and working with those the authorities, but you’re going to enjoy having him in the party thoroughly. He’s going to give you bonuses to your Sneak and Lockpicking skills, and you’re going to get a plus 10 to your Persuade if you unlock that perk. Having this handy little chunk of skill points is going to make getting into specific locations far easier, and your character can engage dialogue they usually would not have access to without his assistance.

During a fight, though, Felix is pretty excellent. He carries around a well-sized LMG that’s going to do some considerable damage to enemies. If you’re finding yourself interested in sticking it the big man and fighting off Corporate authorities, you can do bonus damage with him in your party if you get the Rebellion perk. It’s going to allow you and the rest of your party to do 20 percent more damage to Corporate Military. For those who are planning to forever fight against those in charge, Felix is a superb companion.

His unique ability, Dropkick, is pretty decent too. It’s not the end-all reason to have him in his party, but watching him rush forward and slam both of his boots into an enemy is endlessly funny.

Vicar Max

The man with the spirit to rise above his betters, Vicar Max is an excellent addition to your party if you’re interested in leaning towards the science route. If you do, you can grab the perk Mad Max, which is going to give you and your party the opportunity to do 20 percent more science damage with your science-based weapons. For those who are leaning towards intelligence and wanting to try out the wacky, crazy weapons Obsidian created for this game, Vicar Max is an excellent conduit to help you maximize these weapons.

Like Ellie, he can do some serious damage with his special ability, called Trickshot. While he uses a shotgun instead of a pistol, don’t let the shorter distance fool you. He’s a great companion to have to help support any hacking you need to do or if you need to intimidate another individual during a conversation. For those who a leaning towards a more forward, blunt character who relies on intimidation, Vicar Max helps you double down on it. Plus, the fact he assists your character’s hacking skill makes him universally useful.


The final choice for the best companions in the game is one of the first companions you can run into, Parvati. She’s an excellent choice because she’s more than ready to assist within the first hour of your journey. She’s going to provide you some great assistance, especially if you lean towards the engineering and persuasion skills of the game.

What makes her a truly stand out member of the game is her Overload ability. She’s going to use her hammer to slam down into the ground and cause enemies in front of her to fall to the ground, stunned. If she hits automechanicals, they’re going to remain where they are, but they’re still stunned. This ability alone makes her a worthwhile choice because it takes out a good chunk of the enemies you’re fighting pretty quick, freeing you and your other companion up to unload damage against them.

Her unique ability, Mod Finder, is also good if you’re leaning towards engineering because it gives you a better chance to find mods. For those who enjoy modifying and tweaking their gear, she’s an all-around ideal choice.

Those are some of the best companions in the game. There are a handful of others, and they may benefit your playstyle, but these are the overall standout choices you’re going to love playing within the game. Good luck out there, colonists.