How to unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Welcome Jean to your Fire Emblem Engage party.

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Jean is one of the handful of characters you can unlock as you progress through the Fire Emblem Engage story. Unlike the other characters, Jean appears in a Paralogue, a side mission you do not need to complete to reach the end of the story. It’s an optional encounter, meaning you might skip over recruiting Jean if you don’t participate in a specific Paralogue. Here’s what you need to know about how to recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where to unlock and recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Jean appears shortly after you’ve concluded the Chapter 5 battle and you make your way to the world map. When you transport yourself to this area, a notification appears explaining how Paralogue battles work. The first one appears east of Florra Mill Town, at Tea-Field Village. The Paralogue mission at this location can be started at any time.

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When you arrive at the mission, multiple villagers to the north of the village have gathered at the town hall, attempting to protect themselves from an ongoing Corrupted invasion. You’ll need to bring at least seven party members with you to defeat the invasion and save the villagers. At the start of the Paralogue, you won’t see Jean on the battlefield. Instead, you’re going to see his father, Sean. Jean appears immediately after you begin the fight.

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Your goal is to have your main character reach Jean and stand adjacent to them at some point during the battle. When this happens, your character can use the Talk action with them, recruiting Jean and adding him to your party. Jean is a level one Qi Adept and will be another healer in your party. Jean will be significantly weaker than the rest of your party at this point in the story, but you can steadily level him up alongside your stronger allies.