How to open locked doors in Hogwarts Legacy

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While exploring Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy, there are going to be multiple locked doors blocking your path and preventing you from accessing certain areas of the game. These locations won’t remain locked forever, but finding out how to unlock them is tricky and unclear. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock locked doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

How lock picking works in Hogwarts Legacy

The only way to unlock any locked door in Hogwarts Legacy is to learn Alohomora. This is an unlocking charm that you can learn while playing the game. However, it’s not a spell that you can expect to find until you get further in the game. The Alohomora spell becomes available after you complete the first trial using Ancient Magic, and fall arrives at Hogwarts.

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Several teachers will have new assignments for you when fall arrives, and the Hogwarts caretaker, Gladwin Moon, will ask to see your character. They have a task for you, and Hogwarts Legacy provides you with a quest called The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. You will need to complete this quest if you want to learn Alohomora. Outside of progressing through the game, there is no way for you to reach this point, so we recommend proceeding as you naturally would and focusing on leveling up your character. A requirement for this quest is to make sure your character is at least level 14.

When you receive the Alohomora spell, you will need to complete a minigame when attempting to unlock the locked door. You need to align the inner lock until it begins moving and the second gear until the bottom-right gears start to move. Once they’re both moving, hold this for a few seconds, and then the lock will open, and you can proceed through the locked door.

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