How to unlock more bikes in RiMS Racing

Fill your HQ with as many as possible.


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Once you’ve got to grips with RiMS Racing, you’ll start to take on certain Events that allow you to use motorcycles other than the one you chose in the game’s tutorial. This gives you a taste for the speed and power other bikes provide, making you want more for yourself. In this article, we explain how you can grow your collection and unlock more bikes.

How to unlock more bikes

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to unlock more bikes in RiMS Racing is by completing Brand Events. You’ll come across these naturally as you work your way through the first season. Brand Events always explain that you’ll be riding a new bike, usually one that’s associated with a particular manufacturer, for that race only. There are quite a few in the first season alone, but not all of them award you with a new ride.

The Brand Events that reward you with a new bike will tell you so in the rewards section of the Event screen before starting it. This is the same location where you’ll see rewards for completing certain actions for your Management, Engineering, or Research teams. The requirement for winning the bike is usually finishing on the podium, sometimes even first place.

When this type of reward is on offer, it’s worth restarting a race over and over until you win. Make sure that you tune your motorcycle so that it’s at peak performance as you start the race. We’d also recommend spending some money on your bike in the Workshop, repairing and upgrading parts, before you take on such an important Event.