How to unlock MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2

Time to get your hands on everyone’s favorite robot.

Risk of Rain 2

Image via Hopoo Games

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If you know the Risk of Rain series as we do, then you’d know that there are a bunch of characters you can unlock to take on the hoards of foes that await you. One of these characters is the robotic being known as MUL-T, a jack of all trades with an impressive kit to help any potential future team composition. But how do you go about unlocking it for your roster?

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Where and how to unlock MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2

To get access to MUL-T’s impressive arsenal, you need to go about unlocking/completing the Verified achievement that can be found in-game. This will have you beat the first level’s teleport boss five different times in five different games, so prepare to play many matches.

Once you do that, MUL-T will be added to your roster for the next game you play. Be sure to make the most of its two different weapon types and the skill that lets it go around the map at lightning speed to survey the landscape and find those teleporters as quickly as possible.

Who is MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2
Image via Hopoo Games

MUL-T is basically a tanky, modified multipurpose robot that possesses high health and armor. It has a unique ability to use two primary weapons at the same time or quickly swap between them. This, of course, comes at a price: MUL-T is quite slow compared to other characters and has limited mobility.

All MUL-T Skills in Risk of Rain 2

Here’s a quick look at MUL-T’s skills, all of which are at your disposal in the game:


  • Auto-Nailgun: MUL-T rapidly fires 12 nails for 70% damage each. Deals 840% damage per second.
  • Rebar Puncher: MUL-T shoots a piercing rebar that deals 600% damage.
  • Scrap Launcher: MUL-T fires a rocket that explodes for 360% damage. Rockets travel fast at 100 m/s and explode in a 7m radius. MUL-T can hold up to 4 rockets. This is unlocked via the MUL-T: Pest Control Challenge.
  • Power-Saw: MUL-T uses a saw to deal 1000% damage to nearby enemies per second. This is unlocked via the MUL-T: Gotcha! Challenge.


  • Blast Canister: MUL-T launches a canister that deals 220% damage and stuns enemies for a short period of time. The canister drops stun bomblets for 5×44% damage.


  • Transport Mode: MUL-T gains 200 armor and 220% movement speed, then charges forward at full speed to deal 250% damage to enemies. Deals more damage based on bonuses to movement speed stat. MUL-T can still steer left or right, but cannot jump.


  • Retool: Passively lets MUL-T hold two pieces of equipment at once. Activating the skill switches between MUL-T’s primary attack and active Equipment.
  • Power Mode: Lets MUL-T enter into a heavy stance and equips both primary attacks at once. Sacrifices movement speed in exchange for additional 100 armor. This skill is unlocked via the MUL-T: Seventh Day Challenge.