How to unlock the Engineer in Risk of Rain 2

Let’s get technical.

Image via Hopoo Games

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The early hours of Risk of Rain 2 will be a frantic rush to unlock all the characters. How are you supposed to know what deserves to be your main until you have them all unlocked? This guide shows you how to get your hands on the Engineer.

How to get the Engineer in Risk of Rain 2

The Engineer character will unlock for you after you have cleared 30 areas. These do not have to be done in one life. Instead, you will be able to spread it out across multiple games.

The good news is that while it seems like a bit of a grind, areas go by surprisingly fast, especially if you have an efficient team. You can also unlock other characters along the way, which is nice! For example, keep an eye out for the Lunar Portal for a chance to unlock the Imprisoned Character.

What’s the Engineer in Risk of Rain 2?

environment in Risk of Rain 2
Image via Hopoo Games

In Risk of Rain 2, the Engineer is a defense-oriented Survivor who uses tools to defeat enemies and guard an area. It can use both offensive and defensive skills to decimate opponents while staying alive. The Engineer’s skills need to be mastered, however, which means players should practice using them.

Engineer Skill List

Here’s a quick look at the Engineer’s skills:

Primary Skills

  • Bouncing Grenades: the Engineer charge up to eight grenades, each of them dealing 100% damage to enemies.

Secondary Skills

  • Pressure Mines: the Engineer can place up to four two-stage mines. Each mine deals 300% damage to enemies who step on them. These can deal 900% if fully armed.
  • Spider Mines: the Engineer can place up to four mines capable of dealing 600% damage to enemies who walk nearby.

Utility Skills

  • Bubble Shield: the Engineer can place a barrier capable of blocking all incoming damage for 15 seconds. The shield has a radius of about 9.75m. Only one can be active at a time. Enemies can negate its effects by moving inside the barrier.
  • Thermal Harpoons: the Engineer can enter target painting mode in order to launch heat-seeking harpoons dealing 500% damage each. Engineers can store up to 4 harpoons.

Special Skills

  • TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret: the Engineer can place up to two turrets that inherit all of his items. Turrets fire cannons dealing 100% damage.
  • TR58 Carbonizer Turret: the Engineer can place up to two mobile turrets that inherit all of his items. These turrets fire lasers that deal 200% damage per second and slow down enemies.