How to unlock new clothing in Skatebird

Create your avian look.


Screenshot by Gamepur

What you wear and how you look are a huge part of skateboarding culture. Skatebird has captured this perfectly with the wide range of clothes, boards, and music you can customize your game with to make it feel like the ultimate avian skateboarding title. While you have quite a lot of options to begin with, there are more clothes to be unlocked over the course of the game. This guide covers how to unlock new clothes so you can perfect your look.

How to unlock new clothing

Screenshot by Gamepur

Clothing can be unlocked by collecting the golden items around each skatepark. While not all of them will unlock clothes, the vast majority of them do. For example, a golden sock will give you new clothes, while a golden skateboard gives you a new skateboard. You’ll find these items all over the game’s skateparks, some in obvious places, others in hard to reach locations, and more still in obscure areas that you didn’t know you could get into.

Once you’ve unlocked new clothing, you’ll be given an on-screen alert showing which items you’ve unlocked. You can then immediately open the menu and change the look of your bird in the customization screen. The more items you collect in the game, the more options you have. So if you want to create a unique look, collect as many items as possible.