How to unlock Sonic and Tails layered buddy armor in Monster Hunter: Rise

Gotta go fast!

Image via Capcom.

Much like its predecessor Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter: Rise has received plenty of great free content updates since its release. In Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration event, you’ll be able to unlock plenty of Sonic-themed cosmetics for your hunter, your room, and your buddies.

Before starting, make sure you have the latest version of Monster Hunter: Rise installed. Then, head over to Senri the Mailman to activate the add-on content.

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Like other special cosmetics in the game, you’ll unlock the Sonic and Tails layered buddy armor by taking on a new event quest from Minoto at the Hub. This event quest, titled “Gotta Hoard Fast!” is a two-star low-rank quest, and the goal is to collect golden rings around the Shrine Ruins as fast as possible. The quest can always be tackled solo, but it will go much faster if you bring more hunters.

Before you embark, there are a couple of things to check. First: make sure to bring a few bottles of Dash Juice to keep your stamina bar maxed out. Second: even if you normally bring two palicoes on quests, this one will be much easier if you bring a palamute.

Image via Capcom.

Once you arrive at the Shrine Ruins, collect golden rings as quickly as you can, remembering to build up speed while riding your palico by running with RB and holding down ZL. As a nod to the Sonic franchise, the timer for this quest will give you a rank depending on how fast you complete the objective, with a special reward for achieving an S+ rank.

After collecting a set number, the quest will end, and you’ll be awarded the Buddy Ring crafting material. To craft the Sonic outfit for your palico, you’ll need eight Buddy Rings. To craft the Tails outfit for your palamute, you’ll need six.

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When you return to Kamura Village, head to the Buddy Smithy Kisaki and select layered armor, then either palico or palamute, and look in the special tab for your new outfits.