Monster Hunter Rise’s PC launch will include all the post-launch content from the Switch

The whole kit and kaboodle.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise will be arriving on PC on January 12, and it will have all of the post-launch content from the Switch version when it does. Capcom has confirmed that there will be plenty of meat on Rise’s bones when it launches via a post on Steam.

Included will be additional crossover content from the likes of Okami, Sonic The Hedgehog, Megaman, and Streetfighter. There will also be all manner of extra monsters that were not in the original base game, such as Tesotra, Apex Rathalos, Apex Zinogre, and Chameleos.

Sadly, players who already have friends player on Nintendo Switch, or who possibly have save files on the Switch from last year, won’t be able to take advantage of cross-save or cross-play for the game. This feels like something of an oversight, as people would almost certainly be likely to double-dip if they could pick up where they have left off on the Switch.

Sales figures for the games will no doubt continue to impress, as Capcom recently celebrated over 72 million sales for the long-running, fan-favorite series. PC players should have enough time to dig through all the content in the game to prepare for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak. The Sunbreak expansion will be launching in the summer of 2022.