How to unlock the 1944 Petrov HS-100 “Senor Pinga” tank in Far Cry 6 – Stealing Thunder Yaran Story guide

Unlock your own tank and take the fight back to Castillo with a fiery vengeance.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a lot of cars you can steal in Far Cry 6, but none are as explosive as the Senor Pinga tank. This wildly spray painted tank is unlocked by completing a few of the Yaran Stories. These stories are the game’s version of side quests and the one you’re looking for is called Stealing Thunder.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head to the area on map above. Here, you will find a very tatted-up NPC next to a garage. The location is near Hideout Trova. If you fast travel here, you can easily use your parachute or wingsuit to reach the NPC’s location.

Once you arrive, the NPC will give you a mission called Stealing Thunder. This mission requires you to steal a tank and bring it back to her so she can give it a special makeover. A tank will be marked on the map for you, but if you happen to come across one on the way, that will work as well.

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Stealing a tank sounds difficult, but it can be extremely simple. If you have the Volta Supremo unlocked, equip it and use its special ability to disable a tank for easy access. This will also unlock an achievement for you if you haven’t gotten it yet.

When you bring the tank back, the NPC will give you another mission called Heavy Metal. She will reveal the tank and its new paint job and tell you to go to the town of Verdera and wreak havoc. Specifically, she will task you with destroying eight propaganda billboards around the area.

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During the mission, you will become wanted and there will be a heavy enemy presence. Make sure to take out enemies as they appear or they can disable your tank. Watch out for the tank in the area as well. It’s easy to avoid but getting caught by it can result in receiving some heavy damage.

After you destroy all eight of the billboards, drive out of the town and it will tell you that you have completed the mission. You now have your very own tank to blow stuff up with.