How to unlock the “Barbara fan club criteria” in Genshin Impact

They are legion.

Image via miHoYo

One of the options when speaking to Barbara during her Hangout Event is to ask about the Barbara Fan Club. This option can be closed off, so lots of players are wondering how to open it up.

To get that option, and finish the Hangout, you will need to follow a very particular path through the quest. Just play through the Hangout from start to finish, selecting each of the options below when they arise.

  • In the Sister Victoria’s Vexation missions (the very first one), tell Barbara to stay where she is, and that you will send the stranger away
  • Go and speak with Albert, and ask him about the Barbara Fan Club.
  • Tell Albert that Wolvendom is large, and he will probably need help to find Barbara.
  • Ask Albert how he is sure that Barbara is picking Red Wolfhooks.
  • Ask Albert if he still hears Barbara now.
  • Albert will give you red Wolfhooks, then leave.
  • Head back to Barbara and tell her that Albert is gone.
  • Speak with her for a while, then leave Wolvendom.
  • Speak with Sister Victoria
  • Clean the dust using Anemo or Hydro abilities
  • Speak with Barbara and select the Fantastic Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea option.
  • Speak with Sister Victoria and tell her that you found Barbara
  • Go and meet Barbara
  • Speak with Herman about training
  • Tell Schulz that Barbara is currently working
  • Tell Susie to be considerate to others
  • Tell Barbara she looks exhausted
  • Go for a walk with Barbara

And this will bring you from the very start of the Hangout to being able to ask Barbara about the Barbara Fan Club.