How to unlock the Bat Shuriken in Hitman 3

That belongs to someone else, 47.


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The Bat Shuriken is a Hitman 3 weapon added to the game with Season of Wrath. It’s a lethal melee weapon that’s straight out of Batman’s arsenal, though this one is used for more lethal purposes than the iconic hero’s. It’s not a free unlock, however, so you’ll have to complete a few tasks if you want it in your arsenal. This guide explains how to unlock the Bat Shuriken so you can dash around Dartmoor pretending to be Bruce Wayne.

How to unlock the Bat Shuriken

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Bat Shuriken, you need to complete The Mills Reverie Escalation. This Halloween-themed Escalation was added to Hitman 3 with Season of Wrath and takes you to a revamped version of the Hawke’s Bay location. You’ll need to complete all three levels of this Escalation to unlock the weapon. It will drop as a reward when you finish the final level after your score is given.

The Bat Shuriken is a fantastic lethal melee weapon, but it’s no more useful than the standard Shuriken. Nevertheless, it’ll kill any enemy you throw it at, and you can retrieve it from the body when you go up to it to either drag it or hide it.