Hitman 3 Escalation – The Mills Reverie Silent Assassin Guide

Can you kill a dreamer, 47?


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The Mills Reverie is Hitman 3’s answer to Halloween for Season of Wrath. It’s a spooky Escalation in which you’ll be tackling increasingly nightmarish levels that twist the traditional Hitman gameplay format. This guide covers how to complete all three levels with a rank of Silent Assassin.

Level 1

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For this first level of the Escalation, you need to pacify Orson with the Spooky Bat. Start the Escalation, and you’ll find that Spooky Bat lying next to the bed Agent 47 is resting on. Pick it up, and then start heading toward your target. You can see them off in the distance using instinct. Stick to the tall grass to avoid being seen by any guards, and you’ll eventually reach Orson.

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He’s on a path that sees him visit various graves, so find a good spot in the grass and wait for him. When he’s close and no one is looking, hit him with the Spooky Bat. He disappears as soon as you hit him, so all that’s left to do is head back to the exit.

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Level 2

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In this second level, the goal is to pacify Orson with the Spooky Bat, but the stakes are now higher. You’ll need to bring a lockpick with you to help you complete each objective, so don’t start the level without one. The mission begins as it did in the first level, but the Spooky Bat isn’t by the bed. Instead, it’s out near a guard and a gravestone. Follow the objective marker to the Spooky Bat, lure the guard into the grass, and take him out. Now you’re free to pick up the weapon.

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Do what you did in level 1 to take Orson down with the Spooky Bat as this part of the Escalation remains the same. However, once you pacify him, you’ll get a second objective to push him off the roof.

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Make your way over to the garage on the side of the house. Use your lockpick to unlock the door and get inside. Below is a map reference for the garage door lock.

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Make your way upstairs and grab a few items on the way. There are cans of food and a wrench near the garage that will work. Once you’re on the first floor, look out for the guard patrolling the area before sneaking up to the roof. Two guards up here will move close to the stairs and station themselves there for a while. When they move off, sneak up and to the left.

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Wait for the guard on the left to move away from the area, then turn back on his patrol. Either distract him or allow him to almost spot you so that he comes closer. Then, hide from him. You’re delaying the patrol synchronization between the two guards to give you a gap to sneak past. Allow the guard to go back to his route. Then you should have a chance to sneak past him on his left as he returns.

Make your way over to Orson and push him off the roof. Be cautious as you do this because the guards will keep patrolling behind you.

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Now, you’ll get a new objective to sacrifice Orson to the circle of weeping angels. This is the candle-lit circle near the garage entrance at the bottom of the house. To get off the roof, you can now subdue the guards with a thrown melee weapon if that makes life easier for you. Just be sure not to be seen by hiding behind the objects around the roof.

Sneak your way back downstairs and pull Orson’s body off of the mattress it landed on and into the grass. There’s a guard standing a the circle of weeping angels, and you need to take him out now. Use whatever thrown melee weapon you have on you, but be careful to avoid the gaze of the guard on the balcony above. He’s patrolling the area and will see you dragging bodies if you don’t stick to his blind spot.

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Wait until he walks around the opposite side of the house before sacrificing Orson. When you do, the candles will all light up, and Orson will disappear. Then, exit the level through one of those same spooky wardrobes.

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Level 3

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For level 3, you have the same two initial objectives, but you also have to pacify or eliminate every guard on the map. As you can imagine, this lengthens the level significantly. Since this is a Silent Assassin guide, we’ll be pacifying every guard because you lose that rating the moment you kill anyone that isn’t the target.

The major objectives for pacifying Orson with the Spooky Bat and pushing him off the roof remain the same. Use the same methods as we’ve outlined above to complete these. The only thing that’s different now is that it’s worth your while to take out as many guards as possible as you move. Try to ensure that their bodies are hidden. Otherwise, you may run into trouble. We’d also recommend waiting until you’ve pacified Orson the first time before taking out too many guards because his patrol takes him past quite a few.

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Push Orson off of the roof, but make sure you pacify every guard before you sacrifice him to the circle of angels. As soon as you do, he’ll reappear in the shallow grave on the beach, and you don’t need the extra hassle that causes. Your final objective is to bring Orson into the wardrobe with you, so head over to his location, subdue him, and place him in a wardrobe. Then, you can exit through the same wardrobe.

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For completing this Escalation, you’ll unlock the Tactical Wetsuit disguise and the Bat Shuriken to use across all locations in the game.