How to unlock the Benoit Blanc skin in Among Us

The game is afoot.

Image via InnerSloth

Comparisons are easy to be made between Among Us and Knives Out and its sequel, Glass Onion. Trying to find the Impostor amongst a large group of people will have you questioning everything your peers do. To celebrate the similarities and popularity of both sides, the two have a collaboration announced at The Game Awards 2022, which allows players to unlock the easily noticeable suit of Benoit Blanc for your Among Us Crewmate. Here is how you can unlock it for yourself.

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How to get the Benoit Blanc suit skin in Among Us

If you are a fan of the Knives Out movies and want to add Daniel Craig’s character Benoit Blanc’s suit to your wardrobe, all you need to do is sign in to the game before January 10, 2023. The first time that you log in, a message will appear on your screen letting you know the crew from Innersloth is offering you the skin for free. Just click redeem, and it will be added to your collection when you get in a lobby. The skin is available on all platforms for the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you have signed in to the game with your main Among Us account and linked it to other platforms, the Benoit Blanc skin will automatically be added to the account on those platforms as well. When you sign in on those other platforms, you will not get the notification for the skin because you already redeemed it on another console or device. However, if you have not linked your main account between all areas where you play the game, you will need to log in at least once before the January 10 date to get it.

Like other cosmetics in Among Us, the Benoit Blanc skin does not affect your gameplay. It is just a cosmetic change to help you stand out from the crowd and show off your affinity with Knives Out, or maybe just Daniel Craig.