How to unlock the Desmond Miles outfits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Run around dystopian London as a moody and reluctant Assassin.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Assassin’s Creed crossover has brought a lot of new content, all of which is perfect for any Assassin’s Creed fan that wants a fix of what a game set in the modern-day might look like. This can be extended with the Desmond Miles outfit collection that anyone can earn in the game right now. This guide covers how you unlock this outfit.

How to unlock the Desmond Miles outfits

The Desmond Miles outfit is locked until you complete all of the Assassin Contracts throughout London. There are six of these missions in total, but you’ll have to complete a synchronization mission to unlock them in groups of three. When you’ve completed the first three, you’ll be able to unlock the second set and complete all three of those as well. The outfit will drop into your inventory once you’ve finished the final mission.

You can access the Demond Miles outfits from any shop or the wardrobe at DedSec’s HQ. It includes the iconic Assassin hoodie, a pair of bloody hand wraps as gloves, Desmond’s jeans, and a new pair of trainers perfect for parkour. The only downside is that Desmond himself isn’t available in the game, though Aiden makes a decent replacement, even if he does have a massive beard.