How to unlock the dueling club in Hogwarts Legacy

Ready your wands.

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The dueling club is an extracurricular activity you can participate in while playing Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a secret club created by the students to hone their magical skills outside the classroom, which is against the rules. Still, it’s a good way to practice your spells and combat talents, potentially preparing for challenging encounters in the future. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the dueling club in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find the dueling club in Hogwarts Legacy

The option to access the dueling club will appear after your first Defense Against the Dark Arts class. When the class has ended, speak with Sebastian — he should be standing in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. After speaking with him, the side quest to unlock the dueling club will be available, called Crossed Wands: Round 1. You can choose to start on this task at any time alongside the main story content in Hogwarts Legacy.

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To work on the Crossed Wands quest, go to The South Wing section of Hogwarts, and visit the Clock Tower Courtyard. There, you can speak with a student named Lucan Brattleby — he will be tossing around a ball in the corner at the Clock Tower Courtyard.

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How the dueling club works in Hogwarts Legacy

After speaking with Lucan, he’ll invite you to join the dueling club. How the dueling club works is you’ll be sided with a partner, and the two of you will go against another set of wizards attending Hogwarts. The four of your will duel, and you’ll need to eliminate your opponents in these duels to win. None of your items are used; if you fail, feel free to try again. It also means you can go all out against your students without potentially harming them in combat. There are only a handful of matches available, though.