How to unlock the Evergreen Jokes Achievement in Ravenous Devils

Evergreen doesn’t mean they’re good.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Ravenous Devils has a few Achievements that can trip you up on your first playthrough if you don’t make the most of every interaction. Some are even hidden out of the way and may go completely under the radar until you look at the game’s Achievement list. This guide explains how to get one of these easily missable Achievements, Evergreen Jokes, so you don’t need to go through multiple playthroughs.

Step 1: Get the mysterious seeds

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once you unlock the greenhouse, you’ll gain access to a new floor of the house. This is where you’ll create fertilizer with bodies and grow vegetables to use in fresh meals for the pub below. After you kill the second target for Mr. J, you’ll get some mysterious seeds. These get planted in a pot in the greenhouse for you to ignore or fertilize, depending on your needs.

Step 2: Fertilize the seeds

To unlock this Achievement, you must fertilize the mysterious seeds. It takes several days before the plant grows and then several more until it’s fully grown. We fed our plant at least twice a day for seven days, and eventually, it grew into a hideous creature that resembles a Cowplant from The Sims.

Step 3: Speak to the plant

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The plant that grows from the mysterious seeds serves no purpose other than to tell dark jokes. To unlock the Evergreen Jokes Achievement, you must hear all of them. You can periodically check in with the plant to listen to jokes between the activities or click on it repeatedly until this Achievement is complete. We’d recommend doing the latter because you know then that you’ve completed your goal and don’t need to use the plant again. After this, you can ignore the plant and don’t need to fertilize it again. You can’t feed it bodies or do anything else with it, trust us, we’ve tried.