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How to unlock the Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

Hunt her down.

The first Risk of Rain title locked most of its characters behind achievements and secret entrances in some of its levels, and Risk of Rain 2 is no exception. This guide explains how to unlock The Huntress, and what are its primary, second, and special skills.

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Who is the Huntress in Risk of Rain 2?

Huntress in Risk of Rain 2
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One of the original playable characters in the first Risk of Rain title, the Huntress, rains down deadly ranged shots on her enemies. She specializes in dealing damage from a safe distance. This allows her to run away if the enemies try to come near and then find a better spot from where to shoot her projectiles.

The Huntress doesn’t have any melee fighting skills, and has low defense, making her a glass cannon of sorts, like the Artificer. She compensates for this with her ranged fighting ability, and a very quick base speed of 7m/sec. The Huntress might feel weak when you start playing as her, but she will eventually become more powerful with more skills you acquire.

Where and how to unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

One of the characters you won’t need to unlock in Risk of Rain 2 is the Huntress. She is unlocked by default as an alternative to the Commando. 

All Huntress skills in Risk of Rain 2

Here’s a better look at the Huntress’ skills you can take advantage of in the game:

Primary Skills

  • Strafe: the Huntress shoots a seeking arrow dealing 150% damage. She can fire arrows while sprinting.
  • Flurry: the Huntress fires a volley of 3 seeking arrows for 3 x 100% damage. Can be unlocked when you kill an enemy for every hit of the glaive.

Secondary Skills

  • Laser Glaive: The Huntress shoots a seeking glaive that can travel through terrain and bounce up to six times for maximum effect. It deals base 250% damage, and each bounce adds 10% more damage.

Utility Skills

  • Blink: The Huntress disappears and teleports some distance forward. This allows her to approach enemies without being noticed or escape potentially hazardous situations safely.
  • Phase Blink: The Huntress disappears and then teleports a short distance. She can do this up to 3 times, and can also do it while sprinting. It’s like the Blink move above, but divided into maximum 3 short blinks. The Huntress cannot blink upwards. This is unlocked when the Huntress holds 12 crowbars at once.

Special Skills

  • Arrow Rain: The Huntress teleports to the sky, then rains down arrows on an area. Arrows slow down all enemies in the area and deal 225% damage per second. The monsters in the radius receive 19*225% damage over a period of 6 seconds.
  • Ballista: The Huntress teleports backward into the sky, then fires up to 3 energy bolts dealing 900% damage each. This can be unlocked when the Huntress starts and finishes either Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres without dropping from 100% health (no damage taken).

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