How to unlock the Interbreeder Achievement in DogLife

Hump a human and unlock this achievement.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whether it be for asserting dominance, continuing the bloodline, or just because, why not. Humping is something that animals do for various reasons, and those reasons can be explored in DogLife. The act of humping a human to completion can grant you the Interbreeder Achievement, and in this guide, we go over what to do to make that happen.

Getting this achievement unlocked is relatively straightforward. When your animal reaches around one year old, you will unlock the ability to hump. Now you can use this ability to hump various things, but for this achievement, you need to go after humans specifically. So to start, tap on the location button to view your potential targets and find a suitable target for your sexual animosity.

Once you have selected the poor individual to be on the receiving end of your carnal urges, select the person and find the hump activity. After tapping on the hump activity, a pop-up will appear, prompting you to choose a target area as well as a slider for humping intensity.

Once the target option has been selected, and the slider is at your desired intensity, hit the big blue button that aptly says, “Do it.” You will be greeted with an additional pop-up confirming that you do indeed wish to go through with this. Following this pop-up, should you confirm, you will unlock the Interbreeder Achievement depending on the result of the act.