How to unlock the Nopon Coin X-change in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Put your Nopon Coins to good use.

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The Nopon Coin X-change is one of the many shops that you can find throughout Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This shop trades exclusively in gold and silver Nopon Coins, so your normal currency won’t do you much good when you come across it. All the coins you’ve been gathering up to this point will finally pay off when you open the door to reveal Seekseek, the Nopon Coin X-change merchant.

How to get Nopon Coins

Nopon Coins are a type of currency that you can find throughout the campaign of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This currency is rarer to find than the primary one, G, and comes in two types; silver and gold. You can find get this currency in multiple ways. Some of the main ways to get this currency are by completing skirmishes, as quest rewards, and by defeating monsters. You can even get this currency from containers and Supply Drops.

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How to unlock the Nopon Coin X-change

You won’t be able to unlock the Nopon Coin X-change until you have at least reached Colony 4. In the Fornis region, head southeast of Colony 4 to find the Milio Trick Cavern. The entrance to the cavern is next to the Namba Mound Camp and is marked by a question mark on your map.

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When you reach the cave, you will need to solve the two trick door puzzles inside to reach the end. After completing the puzzles, you will open the door on the far end to reveal Seekseek and Burrburr. Speak with them to start a quest called The Thrill of the Hunt. This quest will require you to gather at least 15 Nopon Coins if you haven’t already. Odds are you have the required currency if you have been searching around.

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After gathering the required coins, return to Seekseek and Burrburr to complete the quest and get the Nopon Coin X-change open for business.